18 June 2013

Enhydro Quartz

The Enhydro quartz are crystals formations that have water inclusions, like a little bubble in the stone. This water bubble was encapsulated within the quartz during its formation. This is extremely rare. Water crystals are used to seek out hidden information, especially emotions or the subconscious, within a person or situation. It assists in metamorphosis and continued change throughout all times and can provide for concentrated determination of both the acceleration and the ease of reformation of self.

The Enhydro Quartz are supportive stone used to help you feel empathy for another's situation, and may stimulate your imagination in a down to earth way. This crystal can help you put yourself in another's shoes and, to recognize and understand the true feelings of that person There is a certain purity in the energy of the Enhydro Quartz crystal. As it contains fluids trapped millions of years ago and free from human contamination, they are excellent healing tools for cleansing the emotional bodies as well as for detoxing the physical body. Enhydro quartz crystals are excellent to aid the healing of emotional issues, and to assist with changes in your life, The water element relates to one's emotions & feelings, thus the Enhydro quartz cleanse and purify your thoughts and emotions, allowing us to speak with truth, wisdom and integrity.


The water element also assists in heightening our feelings and intuition thus these crystals assist us in healing, counselling, crystal healing, medical intuitive and all psychic endeavors. It also assist in our expression of feelings and emotions from a heart level, opening us up to receive the Divine Love.

Enhydro Quartz are beautiful crystals to be place under your pillows or on your beside table while you sleep, to wash away and transform your energy for the new day.

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