18 June 2014

Crystals for Acne Prone Sensitive Skin

Have sensitive acne prone skin? Fret not! We have the right elixir for you.

Ingredients and Materials Required

  • Citrine / Moss Agate / Aventurine
  • Water
  • Small Pail

Steps to Create the Crystal Elixir

  1. Fill the pail with water.
  2. Place the crystals into the pail and leave it overnight.
  3. Use the elixir to cleanse the affected area.

11 January 2014

First thing to know about 2014 - The Horse Year

Victory Horse

Since ancient times, the horse has been indispensable to man. To the European, the horse symbolizes knighthood and chivalry. In fact, for many centuries, horses have been man’s partner during war time. The Duke of Wellington’s stallion name Copenhagen, rode into the Battle of Waterloo continuously for 30 hours and fought valiantly. During times of peace, horses have been used in transportation for centuries aiding man to travel from one place to another before vehicles were invented.

Today, the Horse symbolizes speed, courage and victory. Place a Horse figurine in the South Sector to activate recognition, fame and promotion luck. As fire is the Horse natural Element, it is therefore able to generate positive yang energy. Thus, paintings and figurines of horses have become a popular emblem in offices and homes of most people today.

Tribute Horse

In Chinese culture, the Tribute Horse is considered most auspicious. These Horses are laden with gold and gifts and presented to the military generals whenever they won a war. Thus, it has become a common belief to place such Horse figurine near the entrance of the door to invite success, power and wealth into the home.

Monkey on Horse

Other popular Horse figurines are the Victory Horse, which rears in delight, bringing victory and triumph for anyone working in a competitive environment. The Monkey on Horse figurine is another popular figurine among office workers as it phonetically symbolizes promotion luck for young professionals climbing up the ladder of career success.

As the Horse year approaches this year, display your Horse Painting or figurine in the South sector of your home or near the entrance of your main door to invite all the good fortune and prosperity into your life. Happy Chinese New Year.

07 January 2014

Flying Stars 2014

In 2014, the Chinese Lunar New Year begins on January 31st. It is represented by the year zodiac of the Wooden Horse ‘甲午’ in the traditional Chinese astrology.

Every year, the cosmos align themselves into different positions and causes changes in energy on Earth. Hence, by using the ancient Chinese technique of metaphysics, scholars have formulated a movement chart of energies called the “Flying Star Chart”.

Flying stars (飞星) are described in Feng Shui as a body of energy (Qi) moving into different sectors of our living environment. This Feng Shui formula is a very potent way of calculating planetary movements of energies from year to year. By understanding how the energies flow, we are able to manipulate and enhance positive chi and helps us take precautions against negative afflictions.

05 November 2013


Ametrine is a naturally occurring variety of quartz. It is a rare and has an unusual mixture of amethyst and citrine, with zones of purple and yellow or orange. Ametrine is mined and found only in Bolivia.

The orange colour within Ametrine is due to oxidation of iron within the crystal. The different oxidation states occur due to a change in temperature gradient across the crystal during its formation.

Ametrine is very helpful in getting rid of depression. This leads to inner peace and tranquility.

Many believe that it contains the power of Amethyst and Citrine in one crystal, thus making it a very powerful money luck enhancing stone as well as an excellent stone for higher psychic awareness and spiritual enlightenment.

Article contributed by Norman Jee.

21 September 2013

Gem of the Forest

Gems Trees symbolize stability and growth, they also help you to invoke your planted intention and protect you by sheltering you on rainy days. The crystals symbolize the leaves and emit vibration to help you invite growth, prosperity and abundance into your life. They are powerful tools for manifestation of good fortune and are most potent when placed in the right sector of your home to activate good luck.

Aventurine Gem Tree – Aventurine crystal is a very protective and calming stone. Used to promote compassion and perseverance, the Aventurine stabilizes one’s mind and enhances creativity. It is also a good protector against radiation and environmental pollution. This Green Aventurine Gem Tree can be placed in your living room, on your work desk or near your computers.

Citrine Gem Tree – One of the most potent wealth enhancer, it is able to dispel negativity in the environment and thus attract good fortune to its owner. You can place them in your wealth sector of your home or beside your cashier/safe box in your office to generate good fortune and increase income.

Peridot Gem Tree – Peridot crystal is a self-motivation and happy stone. The Peridot Gem Tree encourages growth in your life. It can be placed in your living room or on your work desk to encourage cohesiveness among people. This wonderful crystal also helps you to release stress and negative emotions.

Rose Quartz Gem Tree- Rose Quartz promotes harmony and romance in your life. It can also be used to improve sales and networking luck. Place this lovely tree in the southwest sector of your home or office to invoke nobleman luck or even invite some romance into your life.

Amethyst Gem Tree – Amethyst crystal is one of the most popular crystals in the mineral kingdom. They promote peace and and help to dissipate negative vibes around you. Amethyst also helps you to assimilate new ideas and focus better. The Amethyst Gem Tree can be placed in your bedroom or on your study desk.

In Feng Shui practice, you can enhance your Gem Tree with the 3 Ancient Chinese Coins to activate abundance luck. It is also believed that by adding the Golden Abacus, it will ensure a continuous flow of wealth luck. Alternatively, add an Ammonite to improve speculative luck for the year. However, the potency of these richness depends on the date, time and location of your activation of your precious Gem Tree. For more details, read up on our Date Selection article! Happy reading!

Written by: Kenneth Jee
Metaphysics Advisor
New Age Team

10 September 2013


Angelite Tumbles

Angelite or Blue Anhydrite is a fairly new discovery in the gem and mineral world. Discovered in 1987 in Peru, during the Harmonic Conversion, its colours may be white, grey or bluish grey to violet. Angelite is formed from Celestite, that has been compressed over millions of years.

Psychologically, Angelite enhances astrological understanding and assist one to speak the truth and be more compassionate and accepting, especially of things that cannot be changed. It promotes feelings of peace and tranquillity and is also believed to heighten an individual’s perception and enhances telepathic communication.

Being an Angel stone, the Angelite helps connect its user to angels and the angelic realm. Therefore it is known that when you place your crystal under a full moon the stone grants you a wish.

In crystal healing Angelite can be placed on the Throat Chakra to resonate with the throat, reducing inflammation and to balance the thyroid and the parathyroid. It also repairs and soothes tissues and blood vessels.

Emotionally this crystal helps promote compassion and understanding towards your peers. It can help one to speak the truth when this is difficult and alleviates psychological pain

As the Angelite is water-soluble, it is not recommended to soak in water. Salt Cleansing and Lunar Cleansing is recommended for this stone.

27 August 2013

Date Selection

Chinese Almanac

Since ancient times, the planetary movements and astronomical phenomena has remained to be one of the most mystical study. However, it did not deterred human beings from exploring them. With this information, the ancient Mayan and other civilizations developed elaborate calendar system.

Today, the Chinese Almanac or Tong Shu remains one of the most ancient texts used by Asians. Many of us rely on the Chinese Almanac for calendar information to do a date selection. Although, some people may feel that it is "superstitious" others rely heavily whenever an important activity is to be carried out.

In Chinese Metaphysics philosophy , the concept of the cosmic trinity is influenced by three factors, Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck. Heaven Luck refers to the planetary positions in the universe while Earth Luck refers to your landscape and home environment. Lastly, Man Luck refers to the birthchart of the individual. The synergy of the three types of information, can provide accurate predictions of a person’s life or the outcome of an activity. Thus, the Chinese Almanac is an indispensable text in every household since ancient times.

In Chinese Metaphysics practice, it is strongly believed that a good date selection can influence the outcome of an activity, this is because whenever an activity is carried out during the most beneficial energy patterns, with the right people at the right place, the synchronicity will result in a most likely favorable outcome. So before, you commence any important activities like starting a new business, signing an important contract or even planning your wedding or moving into a new house, please consult an expert for a Date Selection to ensure success in all your endeavours.