18 April 2017


Ever woken up with a start and wondered what your dream meant? Dreams can be amusing or totally bizarre but what do they actually signify? Here are some interpretations:

31 July 2015

Healing with Crystals

The human energy system is said to be controlled by the 7 major chakras. It integrates the natural equilibrium into many layers that make up the self – the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Chakra healing is based on the belief that in order for total well-being to take place, we must act as an integrated whole.

Liz Simpson noted that Chakras are vortices of energy through which the Universal Life force is channeled and transmitted. They resonate at different frequencies similar to crystals. All crystals oscillate to a natural healing frequency that is activated by the mind. Crystals are therefore compatible tools to balance and harmonize our chakras. They can help you tap into your natural self- healing abilities promoting optimum physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

When choosing your crystals, use your intuition and pick one that you are instantly attracted to. If your crystal in not soluble, hold it under running water for a few minutes then place it under the sun or inside an amethyst geode to energize and charge it. You can also use a salt bath or simply smudge it with sage or palo-santo wood stick. Programme your crystal by sending your intention of purpose. This can be done by holding the crystal in your hand and affirm your purpose. Say “I intend this crystal to be an effective tool for healing/meditation for…”. Your crystal is now ready to be used. Cleanse your crystals again after using.

27 July 2015

Investment Value of Jadeite Jade

Jadeite Jade has been cherished by many for thousands of years. All are attracted by its rich heritage as much as by its beauty, durability and rarity. Since ancient times, the Chinese believe that the true value of tradition may simply lie in a piece of Jadeite Jade. Jadeite Jade is not just any gem or jewel but a genuine value that can be savoured over a life time and passed down through the generations. Owning a piece of Jadeite Jade symbolizes nobility, wealth, status and prosperity. The Chinese also believed that the carvings of Jadeite Jade invoked powers of heaven and earth. Hence, some of the ancient symbolic motifs are still used in modern Jadeite Jade carvings like:

Bat – Happiness
Butterfly – Long life
Dragon – Power, prosperity and nobility
Peach – Immortality

The Europeans were also fascinated by the gem carving tradition of Jadeite Jade by the Chinese where carvers created masterpieces inspired by the art, architecture, history and designs of the East. Many of such intricate carvings are much sought after by collectors today.

Today, investment quality Jadeite Jade with extraordinary characteristic like good translucency, colour, density and intricate carving are much sought after by many. Auction Houses have also seen an increased in Jadeite Jade transactions for the last decade. Hence, Jadeite Jade is emerging as one of the most valuable investment these days. Click the link below and you will see Jade Expert and Collector, Christina Jee explaining why you should own a piece of Jadeite Jade today.

30 December 2014

Flying Stars 2015

Every year, the cosmos align themselves into different positions and causes changes in energy on Earth. Hence, by using the ancient Chinese technique of metaphysics, scholars have formulated a movement chart of energies called the “Flying Star Chart”.

Flying stars (飞星) are described in Feng Shui as a body of energy (Qi) moving into different sectors of our living environment. This Feng Shui formula is a very potent way of calculating planetary movements of energies from year to year. By understanding how the energies flow, we are able to manipulate and enhance positive chi and helps us take precautions against negative afflictions.

18 June 2014

Crystals for Acne Prone Sensitive Skin

Have sensitive acne prone skin? Fret not! We have the right elixir for you.

Ingredients and Materials Required

  • Citrine / Moss Agate / Aventurine
  • Water
  • Small Pail

Steps to Create the Crystal Elixir

  1. Fill the pail with water.
  2. Place the crystals into the pail and leave it overnight.
  3. Use the elixir to cleanse the affected area.

11 January 2014

First thing to know about 2014 - The Horse Year

Victory Horse

Since ancient times, the horse has been indispensable to man. To the European, the horse symbolizes knighthood and chivalry. In fact, for many centuries, horses have been man’s partner during war time. The Duke of Wellington’s stallion name Copenhagen, rode into the Battle of Waterloo continuously for 30 hours and fought valiantly. During times of peace, horses have been used in transportation for centuries aiding man to travel from one place to another before vehicles were invented.

Today, the Horse symbolizes speed, courage and victory. Place a Horse figurine in the South Sector to activate recognition, fame and promotion luck. As fire is the Horse natural Element, it is therefore able to generate positive yang energy. Thus, paintings and figurines of horses have become a popular emblem in offices and homes of most people today.

Tribute Horse

In Chinese culture, the Tribute Horse is considered most auspicious. These Horses are laden with gold and gifts and presented to the military generals whenever they won a war. Thus, it has become a common belief to place such Horse figurine near the entrance of the door to invite success, power and wealth into the home.

Monkey on Horse

Other popular Horse figurines are the Victory Horse, which rears in delight, bringing victory and triumph for anyone working in a competitive environment. The Monkey on Horse figurine is another popular figurine among office workers as it phonetically symbolizes promotion luck for young professionals climbing up the ladder of career success.

As the Horse year approaches this year, display your Horse Painting or figurine in the South sector of your home or near the entrance of your main door to invite all the good fortune and prosperity into your life. Happy Chinese New Year.