08 July 2017


Have you ever felt that your day had passed without you doing much? Does your mind wander off when you try to focus on a task?

This happens when our brain acts on our subconscious mind (autopilot mode), which is also known as mindlessness. So how can you change this?

Practice mindfulness. It is a practice of being intentionally aware of the present moment and to experience what is happening around you without any prejudice. By doing so, you are allowing your brain to relax and accept the surroundings.

As you practice it daily, you will find yourself more receptive, feeling less stressed and hence happier.

  1. Find a quiet and comfortable place
  2. Breathe consciously and notice the sensation of your breath
  3. Relax your body and ease any tension
  4. When your mind wanders off, bring your attention back to your breath
  5. Continue breathing consciously for 5 minutes

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