25 July 2012


As the saying goes “if you want to know a person’s character, look at his hands”. Since ancient times, palmistry has been practised as a form of divination. The art of palmistry has been practiced for 5000 years, according to writings from ancient China, India and the West. Palmistry is the study of palm lines and signs of the hand. Palmistry can describe the strength and weakness of your character, the lines and markings on the palm indicate the general personality of the person. However, the information should be collected as a whole to give you a more precise divination. Palmistry describes both your past and future, because all the major events that affect you will be shown in your hands. Besides being a fascinating study, palmistry can help in vocational guidance, health and psychological diagnosis and partnership compatibility.

The hand is as unique as its owner, and the right and left hand of the same person are never alike and are read differently. Today, medical science has proven that the brain and hands are closely connected since most of our meridians run through our palms. In this way, the analysis of character ad psyche through hand lines is considered logical.

According to David Bourne, there are four types of elemental hand; water, air, fire and earth. Assessing this aspect gives an overview of a person’s character based on astrological principles. The elemental hand often corresponds with the individual’s astrological sign.

The Water hand has a delicate structure with long fingers and long palms. They normally belong, though not always, to people born under one of the water signs, Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. People with such hands are normally artistic, sensitive, sometimes enigmatic and very intuitive.

ShapeLong palm and long fingers
SkinDamp and soft
Number of linesMajor lines thinly marked, with many thin lines running across the palm
OthersMay have a limp handshake
PersonalitySensitive, emotional, intuitive and artistic

The Air hand has a robust air structure with long fingers and a fleshy square palm. The Air hand belongs to people born under one of the three signs, Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. Such people are intelligent in their pursuits and possess well balanced mind.

ShapeSquare palm, long fingers
SkinDry, feels soft when pressed
Number of linesMajor Lines clearly marked, but the lines are quite thin
OthersFingers and joints are flexible
PersonalityIntelligent, logical and good at communicating

The Fire hand possesses a lively hand structure with short fingers and a long palm. The hand features lively linear markings and normally belongs to people born under the fire signs like Aries, Sagittarius and Leo. Such people normally act on gut feelings but may be quick tempered and assertive.

ShapeLong palm, with fingers shorter than the palm
SkinFirm, warm and springy
Number of linesMajor and minor lines clearly marked
OthersFingers may be spatulate
PersonalityEnergetic, impulsive, sense of adventure

The Earth hand has a heavy, thick hand structure with short fingers and a coarse, square palm. There are normally few palm lines but they are deeply incised. The Earth hand frequently belongs to people born under one of the three earth signs, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. These people are normally well balanced, practical and logical in nature. They are also devoted lovers.

ShapeSquare palm and short fingers
SkinThick, possibly coarse, with hard palm
Number of linesMajor lines strongly marked, few or no minor lines
OtherFingers ad joints are fairly stiff
PersonalityCapable, helpful, reliable and honest

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