03 January 2012


Obsidian is a stone of Truth. Like all crystals it benefits those who cherish its healing and comforting qualities. Obsidian is an extremely protective and fast acting stone, which shields one against negativity and absorb negative energies from the environment. The crystal is known to protect one from emotional harm as well as mental stress and anguish. It is an excellent stone for people seeking to remove their negative traits and provide insights into correcting those flaws. Obsidian is also a grounding stone. It helps us to see ourselves as we are and help you rediscover yourself. It brings your subconscious to life and revives the positive energies stored in you.

Obsidian also promotes blood circulation and is believed to relieve joint pain. It can help those whose hands and feet seems to be constantly cold, by wearing an Obsidian bracelet or anklet. The Obsidian anklets also eases leg cramps and should be cleansed regularly under running water.

Obsidian can be worn in a variety of forms of jewellery including pendants, rings, earrings, necklaces, anklets and bracelets. Obsidian is also used to make protective Feng Shui ornaments such as the Hulu and spheres. It is also often used in its tumbled form, chips and wands. For the year 2012, the Obsidian Hulu or the 5 ancient coins Obsidian Hulu, are highly recommended to be used in the North sector of your Home and Office for protection against the illness star.


2012龙年风水, 黑曜石葫芦可摆放在正西方招八白财星,或摆在北方化二黑病星。

Contributed by Carol Tang

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