27 December 2012

King Ammonite (Douvilleiceras Mammillatum)

Since ancient times, KING Ammonite shells have been regarded as a symbol of good luck and good fortune. They are a powerful symbol of wealth and are believed to attract abundance. It is believed that during the fossilization process, these ammonites have absorbed substantial amount of Earth's energy for millions of years and hence will benefit it’s owner.

The Ammonite harnesses metaphysical properties for grounding, protection, balances ones’ energy and protects all our Charka Points. It promotes the flow of Chi throughout the body, hence reduces the body's toxicity. Ammonites also help its owner to radiate strength and transform negative energies to positive ones.

When placed at homes or offices, they promote harmony and improve business dealings. Thus, anyone who owns this precious Ammonite will enjoy great good fortune and prosperity.

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