02 January 2013

2013 - Water Snake Year

Greetings from New Age FSG!

We have now sizzled into 2013, the Water Snake Year. According to Classical Feng Shui, the clashes of the Yin Water year with the Fire snake makes this an inauspicious year.

It is also observed that all the planets reside back to its original position according to the Flying Stars Formula. This translates to double impact in all the sectors of the home. So if you are moving into a new home or doing any renovation to your home, please consult the experts before any renovation as this translates to activating the energies in the different sector of your home.

As a precaution, take note of the Sickness star 2 (二黑) in the Southwest Sector and the Total Loss star 5 (五黄) in the centre of the house. These two inauspicious stars can bring about severe losses or great misfortune if activated untimely. The same effect can be expected at the West sector as the Robbery star 7 (七赤) resides there this year. As the name suggest, loss of wealth or even stained reputation can be expected if you are affected by this inauspicious star. Similarly in the East, resides the Quarrelsome star 3 (三碧). This sector will bring about rumours, back-stabbing and even lawsuits if activated untimely.

However, not all is lost as the North, South, and Northeast sectors will experience tremendous good fortune when activated timely. The Auspicious Star 1 and 8 sits in the North and Northeast sector respectively this year, this brings about lots of windfall luck to the home. However, as the San Sha (三煞) sits in the Northeast/East direction this year, the Northeast star 8 is not as potent as Star 9 in the South. Activate the South sector if you want recognition luck or even a get promotion this year! This will bring about increased income as well.

Although the Scholastic and Romance star is in the Southeast sector this year, please avoid activation between 142-157 degrees as the Grand Duke of Jupiter or Tai Sui (太岁) resides in this sector this year. Due to its overwhelming energies from this sector, tension and confusion may result. Thus, it is more advisable to avoid this sector to avoid any tension in your relationship or if you are pursuing any scholastic advancement.

Last but not least, if you are born under the Chinese Zodiac Animal Year of the Tiger, Monkey or Snake, please take precaution when travelling and avoid making big investments as the year may be met with more obstacles due to the unfavourable planetary positions. People born between 4 Feb - 5 Mar, 5 May - 4 June and 7 Aug - 6 Sept should also take precaution when making big decisions. A word of advice, please consult the experts before attempting to enhance or remedy your own feng shui.

For more clarification, make an appointment with our Metaphysics Advisor today and usher in the Snake year with confidence and good fortune!

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