27 August 2013

Date Selection

Chinese Almanac

Since ancient times, the planetary movements and astronomical phenomena has remained to be one of the most mystical study. However, it did not deterred human beings from exploring them. With this information, the ancient Mayan and other civilizations developed elaborate calendar system.

Today, the Chinese Almanac or Tong Shu remains one of the most ancient texts used by Asians. Many of us rely on the Chinese Almanac for calendar information to do a date selection. Although, some people may feel that it is "superstitious" others rely heavily whenever an important activity is to be carried out.

In Chinese Metaphysics philosophy , the concept of the cosmic trinity is influenced by three factors, Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck. Heaven Luck refers to the planetary positions in the universe while Earth Luck refers to your landscape and home environment. Lastly, Man Luck refers to the birthchart of the individual. The synergy of the three types of information, can provide accurate predictions of a person’s life or the outcome of an activity. Thus, the Chinese Almanac is an indispensable text in every household since ancient times.

In Chinese Metaphysics practice, it is strongly believed that a good date selection can influence the outcome of an activity, this is because whenever an activity is carried out during the most beneficial energy patterns, with the right people at the right place, the synchronicity will result in a most likely favorable outcome. So before, you commence any important activities like starting a new business, signing an important contract or even planning your wedding or moving into a new house, please consult an expert for a Date Selection to ensure success in all your endeavours.

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