05 May 2017

How do we protect our Aura with Crystals?

Our aura is an extension of us. We exude a strong and powerful radiance when it is strong and when damaged or weak, we have low energy levels, feel drained and disconnected.

Whenever we are around people, we are being exposed to their subtle energies and they to ours. If these energies are not positive, the negative thoughts and emotions can affect us and be harmful to our mental, emotional, spiritual and even physical bodies, which are all contained in our aura.

Using crystals can be a great way to protect our aura, energy and space.

Labradorite creates a force field throughout our aura, strengthening the energies within and shielding it from attempts to tap into or drain it. This prevents any loss of energy. Smoky Quartz grounds energy and removes negative energy from the aura while Peridot purifies the aura. Amethyst heals punctures in the aura, cleanses it and draws in positive energy to protect the aura while Citrine cleanses and aligns the aura.

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