25 April 2017

Hot Face

Allergic reaction to your new skincare product? Enjoyed a little too much alcohol? Or just completed an intensive gym session? These could cause a hot sensation to your face. However, you could also foresee certain impending events when you experience a hot face at different times of the day.

For example, if your face feels hot between 9am to 11am, somebody may come and see you for an important matter. If it occurs between 11pm to 1am, some joyful events may happen and you may make some extra money!

Fact of myth?

11pm to 1amThere will be some auspicious events happening soon and you will make extra money.
1am to 3amThere is something worrying you.
3am to 5amYou will be visited by a guest from afar.
5am to 7amYou will be welcoming a guest and enjoying some nice food.
7am to 9amA guest will visit you from afar and you will have a great day.
9am to 11amYou will be consulted for an important matter.
11am to 1pmYou will be visited by some relatives-in-law.
1pm to 3pmYou may be involved in a lawsuit or argument.
3pm to 5pmYou will meet an influential person soon.
5pm to 7pmA guest will visit you from afar and you will have a great day.
7pm to 9pmSomebody will be treating you to a good meal.
9pm to 11pmYou may be involved in a legal case or argument.

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