28 August 2011


The aura is a protective electromagnetic sheath that surrounds the body. Within it are hundreds of tiny energy lines, called nadis, which transmit energy around the aura. Our aura consists of seven layers and each in turn is related to and is the same colour as one of the main seven chakras. The densest layer, which is the etheric body, is closest to our physical body and vibrates at the lowest frequency. Beyond this lie the emotional body and the mental body. The astral layer, the etheric template, the celestial body and the ketheric template are the four outer layers that vibrate at higher frequencies. Each of these auric layer is linked with a specific body organ and functions. Keeping your aura healthy will also keep your body healthy. A weak auric field makes you more susceptible to outside influence. Negative thoughts and feelings can be trapped in the aura and eventually create a ‘dis-ease’ which transmute to diseases. This means that illnesses normally developed in the aura and are eventually transferred into the physical body. It is therefore important to be aware of our thoughts and emotions as it will affect our health.

Crystals are valuable tools for healing. Since ancient times, humans have used crystals for healing. The energies of natural crystals are easily absorbed and transformed by the body so aura crystals can be used for empowerment or protection of the energy field as well as to cleanse the aura of any negativity or geopathic stress from our environment. Crystals come from deep within the earth and are repositories of concentrated energies. One good way is to ‘comb out’ the stagnant energy that is trapped in your aura. You can use a single terminated clear quartz, and run it through your aura close to your body but not touching it. The pointed end facing your body. Alternatively, you can carry a Citrine crystal. The electrical energy inherent within the crystal will amplify and strengthen the auric field. In this way, you will not be affected by any outside influences. As Amber is a natural antibiotic and a mental healer, this versatile stone can also heal holistically. Known as an ancient protector, it aligns the aura with the physical body, mind and spirit. It draws off energy and cleanses the aura. Other stones like tourmaline can also provide a psychic shield while Smoky quartz grounds energy and dissolves negative patterns encased in the aura.

Other methods include energy breathing techniques, the vortex cleansing and chanting mantras to increase your aura. All these will be discussed in my next article.

Contributed by New Age FSG Team

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