26 November 2011

5 Element Stone

The 5 Element Stone is produced in small quantities in the mountains of the Himalayas. Its mineral composition includes Chalcedony, Jade, Cinnabar, Vermillion and Gold Sand.

In Feng Shui, it is believed that the synergy of these precious mineral enables one to correct all the imbalances of one’s personal 5 elements by balancing your missing or weak element in your birth chart, thus it enables you to achieve Success, Wealth and Good Health.

The 5 element stone is believed to be one of the most ancient stone, with strong and consistent magnetic property, that is suitable for everyone to use.

The presence of Cinnabar and Gold Sand attracts abundance and business luck.

The synergy of these two stones help to manifest and increases one’s visionary capacity, making your spiritual path a clearer one.

The presence of jadeite helps to purify the blood and treats the kidneys and supra adrenal glands. It also balances the body’s fluid, dissolves energy blockage and increases the body’s ability to absorb and utilise both energy and physical nourishment.

In addition, when used together with the Medicine Dzi bead, the 5 element stone brings the additional benefit to strengthens your immune system and hasten your recovery from any illness.

For many years, the Tibetans have studied the Medicine Dzi bead and many have been fascinated by its strong energy and ability to promote healing from illnesses particularly blood related diseases.

Thus, when worn together with the 5 Element stone, it will facilitate a person's recovery from all types of illnesses. At the same time, it helps to remove all obstacles in one’s life and creates abundance, prosperity, happiness and good health.

Contributed by New Age FSG Team

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