14 November 2011

Infinite Wealth Emblem

Infinite Wealth Emblem
Ancient I-Ching text indicates that the synergy of heaven, earth and man’s energy promotes prosperity in our life. This energy is also able to deflect any negativity and ward off any curses or bad luck.

Tap the everlasting energy with the Qing dynasty coins, namely Kang Xi for wealth and prosperity, Yong Zheng for military success and Qian Long for scholastic success.

During emperor Kang Xi's reign, he brought about long-term stability and relative wealth after years of war and chaos. By the end of his reign, the Qing Empire controlled all of China. There was prosperity and stability in the country for generations.

Emperor Yong Zhen was the fifth emperor of the Qing Dynasty from 1722 to 1735. During his short reign, his hard-work, efficiency and vigour as a ruler created an effective government. Yong Zheng continued an era of peace and prosperity; he cracked down on corruption and waste, and reformed the financial administration.

His son, Emperor Qian Long was a passionate poet and writer. During his reign, he promoted literacy and assembled a team of China’s finest scholars for the purpose of assembling, editing, and printing the largest collection ever made of Chinese philosophy, history, and literature.

Infinite Wealth Emblem in Trinket
Tie the 3 ancient coins together with a jade mystic knot; this emblem promotes everlasting peace, harmony, prosperity and progress in all our endeavours.

It is believed that the presence of the mystic knot benefit every aspiration for love, abundance, protection and career. It represents the harmonious flow of auspicious energy uninterrupted by any setbacks, accidents or misfortunes.

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Contributed by New Age FSG Team

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  1. Val, i finally strike 4d, 4296 just yesterday after i bought the wealth emblem from you. It really brings me luck. I will vivit you again this weekend to get 2 more for my mum and hubby.