19 June 2012

Organ Clock

Since ancient times, people have studied extensively about the flow of energy in the body and how it manifests into a disease when this flow of energy is disturbed. The Indian traditional medicine, Ayuvedic, the Greek medical theories and also the Oriental practices all studied the flow of energy in our body. Even the earliest medical reference from Ancient Egypt around 2500 BC was based on the same principle.

I am a crystal healer and by understanding the fundamentals of the “vital life force” and its flow from one organ to another, I have successfully form a holistic therapy in alternative healing with the use of natural crystals with the traditional Oriental theory of Qi. I have also combined the use of the organ clock, a technique which traces the 12 phases of changes in the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Organ Clock can be used to diagnose energy disturbances in the body. With the Organ Clock, the specific conditions of illness can be recognized and remedied. The use of the Organ Clock conforms to all Oriental study of Philosophy, primarily the balance of Yin and Yang, the five elements and the climate changes. In addition, I have introduced the use of natural crystals in this therapy. By understanding the origin of an ailment, the flow of the energy, and the location of the disturbance of energy. We can simply place the right crystal along the right meridian at the right time. In this way, we can expedite the healing process of the body and thus achieve full recovery of any illness.

The time at which certain disturbances arise or intensify are directly connected to an organ. Disturbances caused by excessive functioning often emerge during the peak time of the organ time while disturbances caused by suppressed functions often manifest during the lowest time of the organ clock (this is 12 hours before or after the peak hour). A typical example is when a person always wakes up at 4am, this may indicate excessive lung function (peak hour for lungs) or a weak bladder (the lowest point for the bladder). In order to assess accurately, one must be able to identify if the organ show indication of excessive function or suppressive functions. Hot flashes, pain, surge of energy or bloated feelings are strong indicators of excessive functioning while weakness, chills and sensory disturbances are indication of suppressed functions. These observations should always be taken into consideration when choosing the healing stone.

The simplest applications are wearing the healing stones as a pendant, bracelet or as anklets. Chain worn around the neck and bracelets worn around the wrists or ankles will reach the blood, lymph, nerves and meridians that run through these points, thus treating the whole body. The healing stone can also be placed on the area of complaint. This applies to the area where the corresponding physical organs are located.

3am to 5 am – The Lungs
The start of the day begins with the time of the Lungs, Excessive functions of the lungs manifest in a form of oversensitive and results in allergies like sinus or hives. However when it is weakened, respiratory diseases like cold and asthma developed. Rock crystals and Moss Agate strengthens the immune system and prevents allergies. The latter also cleanses the skin and eases excessive sweating and eczema. Amber and Rutillated Quartz can also be used to treat the Lungs.

5am to 7am – The Large Intestine 大肠
The main function of the Large Intestines is the removal of substances that are no longer useful. Elimination through the skin in the form of perspiration also belongs to the function of the large intestines. If the elimination function is too strong, it will lead to diarrhea. While a weak elimination function will lead to constipation and flatulence. Amethyst improves elimination through the large intestines and skin by releasing tension of the mind. Jasper removes harmful contaminants like heavy metals.

7am to 9am – The Stomach
The Stomach is where assimilation takes place. This refers to the body’s ability to digest nourishment. Strengthening the stomach is important as deficiencies lead to under nourishment and other health problems. Adequate nutrition and sufficient rest and exercise help with strengthening the stomach function. Wearing Petrified Wood helps to reduce excessive eating while citrine helps with the digestion and processing of food. Magnesite, Pyrite and Heliotrope can also be used to treat discomfort of the Stomach.

9am to 11am – The Spleen
The Spleen’s function is the management of resources from our nourishment. It distributes the nourishment from our food intake to all the other organs. Disturbance in the spleen leads to malnutrition and weakness. The blood does not stay in its channels which lead to bruising or irregular menstrual flow. Citrine promotes good overall distribution of energy while Jade, Azurite and Malachite can all be used to treat disturbances of the Spleen.

11am to 1pm – The Heart
The Heart governs the body via the brain and the five senses. This is achieved through the flow of blood via the vessels. Excessive heart function increases blood pressure and sleeplessness while a weak heart manifest into anemia and giddiness. Both forms of heart disturbance may influence the clarity of mind and creates confusion and hallucinations. Rose Quartz and Green Tourmaline strengthens the Heart while Kunzite and Rhodochrosite improves congested blood vessels and improves blood circulation.

1pm to 3pm – The Small Intestine 小肠
The Small Intestine works like a filtration organ which filters the nourishment and removes the unwanted waste. Disturbances in the small intestine result in malnutrition which leads to deficiencies or poisoning. The Small Intestine benefits from rest or from wearing Carnelian which improves nutrient intake and helps with deficiencies. Agate is helpful for disturbances caused by stress that result in irritable bowel syndrome. Smoky Quartz and Red Jasper also help with the strengthening of the Small Intestine.

3pm to 5pm – The Bladder 膀胱
The Bladder compliments the function of the kidneys by storing energy reserves for the body. Suppressed Bladder function leads to incontinence while excessive Bladder function weakens the body. Sufficient sleep and drinking plenty of water helps to strengthen the Bladder. Other Healing Stones like Jade and Heliotrope also has the same function.

5pm to 7pm – The Kidneys
Excessive functions of the Kidney lead to restlessness, hectic behavior and insomnia while weak Kidney function manifests into lack of energy, fear and anxiety. In traditional Chinese medicine, the Kidneys affect fertility and it is therefore important to treat any imbalance of energy in the Kidneys. Ruby Zoisite helps with fertility and also maintains youth and vitality to support an active sex life while Carnelian and Rutillated Quartz help to improve the Kidney function.

7pm – 9pm – The Pericardium 心包
In traditional Chinese Medicine, the Pericardium function is sometimes known as the heart circuit or the circuit of sexuality. While the functions of the kidneys govern fertility, the pericardium rules the pleasure and gratification associated with it. Suppressed Pericardium function leads to nervousness and lack of interest in sex while excessive functions causes over excitement but can lead to an inability to concentrate for long period of time. Heliotrope and Fire Agate calms chronic nervousness and helps with insomnia while Garnet and Rhodochrosite strengthens desire, eroticism and sexuality.

Carnelian Tumble
9pm to 11pm – The Triple Heater 
According to Chinese medicine text, there are three “hot spots” in the human body. These “hot spots” are known as the triple heater which corresponds to breathing, digestion and elimination. The Triple Heater generally describes how body heat is produced, distributed and used to maintain the body’s defence system. Excessive functions would result in too much heat and causes fever while a suppressed triple heater will result in chills and cold. Carnelian and Red Jasper calms hot flushes and chills thus balancing the body heat while Mahogany Obsidian promotes swift warming throughout the body and warms cold hands and feet.

11pm to 1am – The Gallbladder 胆囊
The Gallbladder compliments the liver function and is thus seen as an important organ to maintain a strong immune system. The Gallbladder works best at night so early rest is encouraged for a healthy Gallbladder. Excessive Gallbladder function manifest to mood swing and anger while suppressive function leads to cowardice and inability to make decisions. Labrodorite helps with anger management and soothes impatience and irritability. Wearing Aventurine calms the inner self and promotes good sleep while Turquoise is helpful for chronic tension and cramps.

Brown Aragonite
1am to 3am – The Liver
The Liver sends life energy and blood in all directions to maintain good organ function. Disturbance in the Liver leads to imbalance and stagnation in both blood and emotion which results in a form of rage. Suppressed Liver function leads to poor appetite, weak muscles, poor eyesight and overall weakness. Brown Aragonite helps with lack of energy by improving appetite and strengthening the muscles. Amazonite and Chrysocolla calms mood swing and remove intense feelings such as jealousy and envy.

The healing stones for the organ clock correspond to the energetic seeds of the physical disturbances or illnesses. It is an instrument for the maintenance of health and may have more than one stone to treat any disturbance for an organ. I have found that by combining natural crystals with the organ clock, maximum result is achieved and many ailments have been cured successfully. However, this therapy is not intended to replace any professional health care and if symptoms persist, please consult a doctor.

In real sense, the art of crystal healing requires no rules or laws, but do what is right and necessary. Follow your body intelligence when choosing your crystal and together with a little common sense, cleanse the stone when you feel it is over used or when you find that the vibration has weakened. You may want to read about some suggestions on how to cleanse your crystals in our next article.

This is our New Age method, applicable to both prevention and treatment of diseases. It can be used for self healing or preventive maintenance. This method is suitable for home remedy and many people have found success in achieving a full recovery.

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