27 September 2012

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12 Zodiac Animals

In Chinese Astrology, the year you were born in determines the zodiac animal that rules your sign. There are twelve different animal signs namely the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

Every animal sign belongs to one of the four "Triangle of Affinities". Each of these triangles has three animal signs known as the "horoscope allies". This trinity of friends have similar characteristics and are said to help each other whenever they are in need. People belonging to the same triangle of affinities as yours are your allies and are said to be compatible with your personality. Thus they can be your close friends whom you feel connected and comfortable to be around.

Each zodiac sign also has a secret friend who will be reliable protector for you to run to whenever you are in trouble or in need of support. They can become your close friends who never disappoint. Each zodiac sign also has one secret friend. This friend will be a reliable protector for you to run to whenever you’re in trouble or in need of support. They never disappoint.

People whose horoscope belongs to the same trinity are said to be compatible with each other.

Trinity of Friends (三合)

It is recommended that you carry your "Trinity of Friends" with you at all times. People who carry their “Trinity of Friends” tend to attract good luck, goodwill and lots of support in everything they do. This method of enhancement is said to bring one success and support at work and in business.

If your horoscope reading says you will experience a tough year ahead, it is advisable to use Your Trinity of Friends to help you overcome obstacles, and to reap maximum benefits. Your allies will also help you to keep your friends loyal to you, preventing betrayal from acquaintances that you thought were friends.

Click here to download Trinity of Friends Chart.

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