21 September 2013

Gem of the Forest

Gems Trees symbolize stability and growth, they also help you to invoke your planted intention and protect you by sheltering you on rainy days. The crystals symbolize the leaves and emit vibration to help you invite growth, prosperity and abundance into your life. They are powerful tools for manifestation of good fortune and are most potent when placed in the right sector of your home to activate good luck.

Aventurine Gem Tree – Aventurine crystal is a very protective and calming stone. Used to promote compassion and perseverance, the Aventurine stabilizes one’s mind and enhances creativity. It is also a good protector against radiation and environmental pollution. This Green Aventurine Gem Tree can be placed in your living room, on your work desk or near your computers.

Citrine Gem Tree – One of the most potent wealth enhancer, it is able to dispel negativity in the environment and thus attract good fortune to its owner. You can place them in your wealth sector of your home or beside your cashier/safe box in your office to generate good fortune and increase income.

Peridot Gem Tree – Peridot crystal is a self-motivation and happy stone. The Peridot Gem Tree encourages growth in your life. It can be placed in your living room or on your work desk to encourage cohesiveness among people. This wonderful crystal also helps you to release stress and negative emotions.

Rose Quartz Gem Tree- Rose Quartz promotes harmony and romance in your life. It can also be used to improve sales and networking luck. Place this lovely tree in the southwest sector of your home or office to invoke nobleman luck or even invite some romance into your life.

Amethyst Gem Tree – Amethyst crystal is one of the most popular crystals in the mineral kingdom. They promote peace and and help to dissipate negative vibes around you. Amethyst also helps you to assimilate new ideas and focus better. The Amethyst Gem Tree can be placed in your bedroom or on your study desk.

In Feng Shui practice, you can enhance your Gem Tree with the 3 Ancient Chinese Coins to activate abundance luck. It is also believed that by adding the Golden Abacus, it will ensure a continuous flow of wealth luck. Alternatively, add an Ammonite to improve speculative luck for the year. However, the potency of these richness depends on the date, time and location of your activation of your precious Gem Tree. For more details, read up on our Date Selection article! Happy reading!

Written by: Kenneth Jee
Metaphysics Advisor
New Age Team

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